Introverted Thoughts About You Audio Erotica Story by Salty Vixen

Welcome to another episode of Bedtime Stories with Salty Vixen. Tonight’s story is titled “introverted thoughts about you”. Can you feel it yet? Can you feel that tingle of anticipation? I know you. You say that you want to kiss me, to hold me. You say you want nothing more than that right now. But, then you will see me. You will put your arms around me.

You will bend down to kiss my lips. My hair will graze your skin. You will catch my scent. Then, you will feel the softness of my skin. You won't be able to control yourself. I know it. You will kiss me softly at first, but the animal within you will take over. You will run your fingers through my hair, but you won't be able to resist tugging. You will bite. You will push.

But, this time…I might push back.

Do you remember when you caught me looking at you from across the room? I often wondered what you thought about me. Do you know what I thought about you, Sir? Fucking. Blowjob and more. What can I say, I am a naughty Salty Vixen…. Let’s begin…

I want to step back. I want to sit across the room from you. Or, maybe stand over you. Or, perhaps stand just out of your reach in the shower hiding behind the water.

I want to watch you as you have watched me in the past. I want to watch your fingers gliding slowly over your hard cock. I want to watch you roll your fingers over the springy head as I might when I admire its shape and texture.

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I want to watch your eyes as you finally take your cock fully in your hand to see if they close slightly or if you will continue to meet my gaze. I want to see how you long your strokes are. I want to see how you grip your cock.

I want to hear your breathing change as you get more excited. Watch as your muscles tighten as your strokes get faster and faster. I want to see your cock pulsing and hardening even more, your balls constricting under your own touch. I want to hear that low growl beginning in your gut. I want to watch as your cum spills from the head of your cock. I want to see it form little creamy rivers on your skin.

And, maybe…just maybe, I will lick you clean when you are done. Simply because I want to.

These were my introverted thought about you Sir. When our eyes locked for a few seconds, these were my thoughts and desires dancing around my mind, maybe that is why I had trouble marching? I was lost in the haze of thought fuck….